Veterinary Assistant


Emily was born in Northern VA and lived there for a few years, but has otherwise been raised right here in Fredericksburg. She plans on staying in VA because her huge family (including parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and over 20 cousins) lives in VA as well. She has had a big space in her heart for other species since before she can remember; she was always trying to save any animal or bug she could get her hand on as a kid.

Being an assistant at HAH is the first job Emily has ever had that made her feel like she belongs, and she is sure that this is the field she wants to be in forever.

emilydeane2sEmily is currently enrolled at UMW, and she is studying Biology with an Animal Track. She is going to school part-time so she can spend the rest of her time with her HAH family helping as many furry, feathery, and scaly patients as she can. When she graduates from UMW in 2014, she plans on completing an 3-year online LVT program so she can work full-time simultaneously.

When Emily’s not working or going to school, she spends her time reading, relaxing with her family and friends, working on her car, volunteering at the Fredericksburg SPCA, watching hockey or football (Go Capitals and Redskins!), and loving on her two furry purring children, Ollie and Derby.