Charlotte Caton

Hospital Manager

Charlotte Caton and CatAfter graduating from George Mason University in 1982 with a B.S. in Business Administration, Charlotte began working for Prince William County Government as an accountant for the Community Services Board.

For the past 6 years Charlotte has been running a boarding barn where she cares for 16 horses. She finds great joy in taking care of these large and trusting animals. Her two children, Courtney, 16 and Adam, 15 assist Charlotte with the numerous chores involved in running a farm.

Charlotte and Molly

Charlotte and her kids have opened their hearts and homes to the following pets:

  • 2 Appaloosas – Chips and Allie
  • 1 Pony –Gilligan
  • 1 Great Dane – Bailey
  • 1 Border Collie Mix – Molly
  • 5 Domestic Short-Hair cats – Bobbie, Pete, Bradley, Arthur, and Swazie
  • 1 Cockatiel – Abigail
  • 3 Parakeets – Sunshine, Cloud, and Neon
  • 1 King snake – Elvis
  • 3 barn cats – Speedy, Lilly, Badstuff