SUP with your PUP

We are very proud of our client, Maria Schultz’s new (and first!) book, How to SUP With Your PUP: A guide to stand up paddleboarding with your dog.

“Learning how to stand up paddle (SUP) is one thing, and learning with a dog is a little more involved. Some dogs are naturals while others may need a little more training. Stand up paddling with your dog can be a rewarding experience for both of you, if it’s done with a little preparation and planning. How to SUP With Your PUP guides you through simple training and is designed to make the learning process smooth and safe for human and pup. This concise guide includes everything you and your dog need to SUP–from types of gear to a full training plan.

Maria Christina Schultz, outdoor enthusiast and ACA certified stand up paddleboard instructor, lives in Virginia with her husband and two Australian shepherds, Riley and Kona. Schultz, who works as a graphic designer, also has a degree in education and hands-on experience in animal training. She created this “how to” guide so that others can enjoy similar adventures with their best friends. How to SUP With Your PUP is her first book.”

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