Bear Loves Hartwood

We are the owners of a 4 1/2 year old chocolate lab named Bear. Bear weighs about 85 pounds and is THE most wonderful dog in the world. Unfortunately, Bear is allergic to just about everything in the world – trees, dust, pollen, chicken, rice, soy…and if you have ever tried to find regular dog food that does not contain chicken, rice or soy, then you know how difficult that can be.

Prior to discovering Dr. Helen and Hartwood Animal Hospital, Bear would spend hours and hours each day chewing the hair off of his paws and legs and whatever else he could reach on his body. I met Dr. Helen and after speaking with her at length, decided to switch vets and within a very short time she had diagnosed Bear’s allergies and started him on a treatment program. She changed his diet and started him on a series of allergy injections and Bear is so much better! His allergies are under control and when he has the occasional flareup, all of the wonderful folks at Hartwood Animal Hospital are there to make him all better – and Bear LOVES them.

I honestly have never seen anything like it. When I pull up in the parking lot, Bear practically leaps from the car, dragging me along with him as he races to the door. Everyone greets him by name and when they call him into an exam room or take him from me when I board him, he goes along happily with his tail wagging his entire body. I think Bear loves Hartwood Animal Hospital and their wonderful staff as much as I do!

~~Donna Boyd

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