Very Impressive

After our regular veterinarian retired more than a year ago, we’ve been trying to find a clinic that we would have the same level of confidence and trust treating our fur-family, that we had with our now-retired vet.

The facilities at Hartwood are wonderful and modern but more than that, our first visit ( we’re new to Hartwood Animal Hospital), with all three of our greyhounds, was a very impressive first-time visit with the staff and Dr. Stamp.

Dr. Stamp was very thorough and took her time to make sure she got to know both our dogs and our views on their health care as well as our expectations from Hartwood as their health care providers. She was able to put all of our dogs at ease, right away. They were thoroughly examined and calm throughout their visit…even our female, who absolutely HATES her feet touched, allowed Dr. Stamp to trim her nails without fussing a bit! We’ve NEVER seen her so comfortable with her nails being trimmed.

Another very important plus for us, is that Dr. Stamp is open minded to and interested in the use of holistic medicine in combination with traditional medicine.

It’s so nice to feel confident again with whom we have chosen to oversee our fur-family health care.. I’ve already recommended Hartwood Animal Clinic to our friends!

~~Gale Hollstein

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