Hartwood is Simply the Best

We have had the awesome experience of raising Terri (a Heinz-57 stray who adopted us when our boys were 6 and 8) and who lived with us until our oldest was away at college; and Sally, (a shelter dog who lived with us for about 16 wonderful years – long after both boys were out of college and on their own), so we have had experience with veterinarian care.

Sam (a Shih Tzu) came into our lives about 9 years ago. Ron saw him in a pet store…their eyes met and it was love at first sight. I felt the same when I first met Sam. Prior to Hartwood Animal Hospital, Sam would start to shake when he realized he was nearing the Veterinarian’s office. With Dr. Jewett and Dr. Stamp and their truly amazing staff, Sam is rearing to get out of the car and into their office.

You see, there he is the patient. He is the one they greet first. When he isn’t feeling well, they get down on the floor with him. They talk with him and treat him with respect and so much love that he feels at home – and unafraid. He trusts that they will make him feel better soon. Hartwood Animal Hospital is, simply, the best.

~~Ron & Anita Ripper

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