No Words Could Say

Let me give you some insight on Hartwood Animal Hospital, owned by Dr. Helen Jewett. When Dr. Jewett opened her practice she was thinking, can I make this become the practice I have dreamt of. Well, the beginning was slow, as all new businesses are, but now, due to word of mouth, and some of us have a big mouth, her practice has began to flourish. Dr. Jewett has brought on another fantastic full time vet, Dr. Alicia Stamp. From the Office Managers, the Receptionists, the Licensed Veterinary Technicians, the Veterinary Assistants, the Kennel Assistants, the groomer and even the groundskeeper, make you feel more like family. I am so sorry, I almost forgot the Hospital cats, one of which, (hello Oliver), someone I know tries to “catnap, don’t worry, if he goes missing the staff knows where to find him. There are no words to say about this wonderful staff, they are THERE for you and your pets. Hartwood Animal Hospital sees all types of animals, from dogs and cats to exotic animals, even wildlife.

We have used Dr. Helen Jewett long before she opened her own practice. In 1993 (Helen please correct the date if wrong, all I remember is that you were 6 1/2 months pregnant with Jonathon) we needed a vet who made house calls, and were referred by the Vet we were using at the time, to Ridgelake Animal Hospital where Helen was working. A house call was made and Twinkie was diagnosed with pyometra (SP), caused from not spaying an older female dog, and would need immediate surgery. Helen did the surgery and saved our beloved Twinkie. After this surgery, Helen chewed out my butt for not spaying her and how close we came to losing her. Trust me from that time on we have always neutered or spayed our dogs. It was at that time that our daughter and I changed our vet needs to Ridgelake and used Helen for our dogs, cats, rabbits and birds; in fact my Mom from Philadelphia would bring her dog with her during her visits and also began using Helen.

When Helen announced she was leaving to start her own practice, all we did was ask where, she said Stafford, not that it made a difference, we knew that where ever she was going we would follow, sounds like that song from the 60’s “I will follow you”. At that time we were also looking into moving, little did we know just how close we would be to her office, she was off Celebrate Virginia Parkway in Fredericksburg and our new home was off Celebrate Virginia Parkway, a mile and a half to travel to the office, not that it mattered, while our home was being built, we put our 2 dogs in the car and traveled 68 miles round-trip for the compassionate loving care our family members deserved.

Helen greets you with a hug, laughs with you, cries with and for you, lets you know when you are over feeding your pet, and spoiling your pet, not that we ever do, okay I admit every now and then we do spoil them, WE are so well trained! Over the years, Helen has performed the new puppy exams as we adopted 3 dogs over the years, and has been there through the heartbreak of putting down 5 of our beloved dogs, 3 birds, a kitty and a bunny rabbit.

Helen is a mentor to those who are looking into the world of Veterinary Medicine, whether it is a Girl Scout who needs to earn a badge, or someone who has worked there as an assistant and decides to forward their career by taking the next step up, she is there to answer the questions and concerns they have.

Think nothing of it when you get a follow up phone call to check on your pet, and after giving the update, you ask each other how the human family is doing. I have had various pets since I was 5, and all I can say is under all that PROFFESIOANLISM of the ENTIRE Hartwood staff, they are the most KNOWLEDGABLE and COMPASSIONATE people I have ever dealt with in a Veterinary office, or for that matter, any other medical office. I could go on and on about Hartwood, but if you have a pet I can only suggest you go and meet Dr. Jewett and her staff, and see why they are FAMILY.

~~Susan Burkhardt

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