No Other Place

We first met Dr. Jewett seven years ago when she worked for Ridge Lake Animal Hospital in Woodbridge. At that time we learned how difficult it was to find a good Exotics Vet for our rabbit in this area. Later, when we heard that she had opened Hartwood Animal Hospital, we were elated. And, in the past two years, she has become much more than “just our vet.” She is someone in whom we have entrusted two of our family member’s wellbeing and critical care.

Our seven year-old Labrador retriever, Thor, is a cancer survivor based largely on Dr. Jewett’s early identification and correct diagnosis of his illness. During her initial wellness exam of Thor, she found the smallest signs of Mast Cell cancer. And, in concert with another specialized clinic that she recommended, in close coordination with that clinic, she concurred with and implemented a course of treatment that has to date, given us two additional years of quality life with Thor.

Dr. Jewett believes in developing strong, personal relationships with her patient’s owners. She believes fervently that pet ownership is not something to be entered into lightly. It is a huge responsibility for both owner and veterinarian and it only succeeds when both sides work for what is the right course of treatment for the animal. Her thorough examinations and the attention she shows to each pet are provided at the extent that she would devote to them if they were her own. Thoughtful and most compassionate, she worries over each one as she sees them through their sick times.

There is no other place we’d entrust our pets well-being to than with her, Dr. Alicia Stamp and the professional and friendly staff of Hartwood Animal Hospital.

~~Scott & Glenda Hegland

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