Finest Veterinarian Personnel in the Field Today

Our four dogs have been patients at Hartwood Animal Hospital since 2006. I first contacted Hartwood Animal Hospital to inquire about having microchips inserted into my pets since it was not long after the Katrina disaster in New Orleans – which left many owners frantic trying to locate missing and lost pets for many reasons. These efforts may have been made more difficult at the time because many animals did not have microchips.

My first contact with the hospital was with the ever efficient and friendly, Charlotte. Charlotte answered all my questions and set up an appointment for one of my beagles to get a microchip. When we arrived for my pet’s appointment, I was very surprised at how beautiful and welcoming the hospital facility was itself. More important, would be my surprise after meeting Dr. Jewett, the owner and veterinarian. My husband and I found Dr. Jewett to be one of the most “down to earth” people we have ever met. She impressed us with her vast knowledge and education in veterinarian medicine. However, although she is extremely “sharp,” Dr. Jewett is still able to speak to people on a “one to one” level. She will take the time necessary to explain medical issues and answer the questions of “concerned” owners. Dr. Jewett is an “educator” to her clients. She does this in order to benefit her patients – the animals she so loves.

Dr. Jewett maintains high standards in medicine for herself, and as a result, employs a well-educated and experienced staff. Her staff is always polite, friendly, efficient, and they all know their jobs well. Each member will go the extra mile for your pet’s health care at Hartwood Animal Hospital. And, should the need arise they are not above referring a client to a specialist for further evaluation and treatment. Dr. Jewett is well known in the veterinary practice community both in Fredericksburg and in Northern Virginia. I have personally heard it mentioned by one specialist’s staff member, who my pet was referred to, that they had no doubts about Dr. Jewett’s paperwork arriving on time and in accurate order long before I would be arriving for my pet’s appointment. I find this refreshing.

During the past several years that my pets have been patients at Hartwood Animal Hospital, I have encountered some very serious medical issues. I stand assured each time that I am faced with a medical issue, whether it is of serious or non-serious nature, that my pets will receive excellent veterinary medical care, and that it will be administered by some of the finest veterinarian personnel in the field today at Hartwood Animal Hospital.

~~Kathy Wrenn

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